On June 26, 2019, Yashima & Co., Ltd. was listed with the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Our steady growth was evaluated in gaining recognition in our 71 years growth from founding.
We have been achieving growth mainly on the railway industry, especially in handling  rolling stock related parts.
However, the railway industry field is very broad, and there are a tremendous number of business areas in which we trust to be engaged. When looking at overseas markets, railway infrastructure is under developing serving as a solution for environmental and social issues, which we assure resulted in leading to our business will expand further in the years to come.


The stock listing shall improve our social recognition. We ask for your further support and heartfelt assistance as we aim for unlimited growth as a specialized trading firm with strengths in railway and public transportation businesses.

Atsushi Sato, 

Since our founding in 1948 as a “specialized trading firm with strengths in railway and public transportation businesses,” Yashima & Co., Ltd. has conducted business not only at its nationwide sales offices expanded from Hokkaido to Kyushu, but also at its overseas bases.


Up to now, we have gone through various and extremely severe changes in markets such as the privatization of Japanese National Railways and the global financial crisis. However, we were able to sustain growth due to each and every employee reviewing their own roles and striving to take actions from the perspective of our clients. This “dynamic adaptability” to changes in markets is our greatest strength at YASHIMA.


To quickly respond to overseas developments in the public transportation business that is expected to accelerate even further, we will focus our efforts on developing staff who can make the world their stage.
We will continue to undergo further changes and achieve greater growth, and push ourselves to our utmost capabilities so that our business will contribute to the development of society. 

Kazuaki Takada,